Performance : i30 brake upgrade (with Hyundai genuine parts)

Performance : i30 brake upgrade (with Hyundai genuine parts)

Hi. This is Hyundai i30 (turbo installed). I like to share the information about i30 tuning.

1.Boost gauge

   *Cost : Depend on the Gauge. 100~500 USD

2.Bonnet lifter

   *Cost : 5 USD

3.Cheap brake upgrade

  *Parts needed : 1) Brake caliper (2piston) from Hyundai grandure XG
                         2) Brake rotors from Hyundai Grandure XG
                         3) No modification of caliper or rotor needed
                         4) Cost information : Calipers (pair) 120~130 USD. 
                                                        Rotors (pair) 70 USD

Why I used the parts of Hyundai Grandure to upgrade my i30? There are two main reasons. If we use only Hyundai genuine parts for upgrade (not after market parts),

1. It will reduce the potential problem occurrence.

Some of after market big brake kits make stopping noise in spite of the expensive price. And the most of after market products are not i30 only products, therefore, they need brackets to be installed. That means you have to add a potential problem.

2.It's cheap

Hyundai parts are cheap and believable. That means your maintenance cost will be low. 

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