How to tune your Veloster turbo? Performance tuning

This post is originally written by Korean tuner, Super Drift

Hi! Friends.
This is my new Hyundai Veloster turbo came into my hands a week ago. Someone can find some parts have been changed from the original one. First, Big intercooler in the front view. Second, wheels and tires. Third, black side mirror cover. And others :)

Today, I will show you how to customise (or tune) your Veloster from the perspective of braking, driving stability and performance. Let's have a look first.


 *Brake and wheel
  -18" wheels + Kumho XS tire 225-40-18

*My friend's Veloster turbo

My Tuning Items

1.Anti-Roll bar (Front)

   - Stock stabilizer for Non-turbo Veloster : 21mm
   - Stock stabilizer for Veloster Turbo : 22mm
   - "Super Drift" stabilizer : 27mm
      * Super Drift sway bar will allow you to adjust hard or soft when installation. (There are 2 holes on the Super sway bar so you can choose one of holes before installation)

2. To reinforce rear roadability
    - Rateral load (Super drift Z link)
    - Bilstein damper
    The combination of these 2 will improve the road ability of Veloster dramatically.

*Bracket of Z link

3. Exhaust
* Pico variable exhaust. Pico exhaust starts from 2nd pipe.

* 2 pipe lines from the resonater. The right pipe is variable line. It will open in loud mode and closed in silent mode. This is controlled by remote controller.

4.Reinforced cooling system
This big FMIC is developed only for Veloster turbo by "Super Drift". Many tuners in Korea had struggled to put a big intercooler in the narrow space. What you can see below in the pic is the result of the study.

 *Intercooler pipe will be covered by the front bumper after assembling. So that you car see the intercooler core only, not the pipe line. Looks good?

* Blow off valve is attached on the inter cooler pipe

 * Wind baffle plate to increase the efficiency of the inter cooler.

*Radiator stopper

5.Braking system

  * Forged Caliper from PA sports

 * Wow, it looks good!

6.Other dress up item

  * Real carbon side mirror cover

Ok let me summarize the dissatified about Veloster.

1.To reinforce the poor roadability of rear wheels
   *Rateral load (Z link) will reduce the instability dramatically.
    product price : US 400$ (Korea price)
    cost of labor : US 80$ (Korea price)
   *Billstein BTC (Damper + Springs)
    product price : US 1600$ (Korea price)
    cost of labor : US 100$ (Korea price)

   *"Super Drift" Sway bar
    product price : US 280$ (Korea price)
    cost of labor : US 60$ (Korea price)

2.For better braking
   PA sport F50 355mm kit
   product price : US 2500$ (Korea price)
   cost of labor : US 0$ (Korea price)

3.For better cooling system
As we reviewed about POWER DEGRADATION of Veloster, Veloster's inter cooler should be upgraded for sports driving. If you drive in congested area for a while, you might feel the power degradation with your Veloster. Your veloster will get back to normal condition while after congested area.

Big intercooler will guarantee the 200 horse power or more power with chip tune as it must be (even in summer season).

Super Drift Big intercooler is the only product made in Korea, All the parts from the core to connection pipes are made in Korea.

The price of Super Drift intercooler is not fixed yet, I will let you know it later.

4.Variable exhaust for turbo

PICO Sound is one of the famous customized exhaust maker in Korea. It sounds high tone in high REV, roars in low REV.

Want to listen another type of variable exhaust?

5. Air intake

AEM air filter was my choice for breathing. AEM adopt dry-cotton type, I think dry-cotton type is the best for the performance. But AEM costs more than others because it sould be replaced after every 20,000~40,000km. HKS and ITG are also good.

6.BOV (Blow off valve)

Super Drift BOV has unique and louder sound compare to others. And it has ling ilfe. Want to listen?

  7.Further plan

Rear brake upgrade.
Body reinforcement kit.
Big Radiator.

I will update the tuning information soon..

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  1. Excellent choices so far. I am looking into an FMIC as well. Wish we had bigger, badder brakes as well as power folding mirrors here in the US.

    1. Isn't there power folding mirror option in US version? I am curious about what types of intercooler is prefered in your country..you should cutomize a universial core? or are there any intercooler upgrade kit for veoster?

    2. We made a custom fmic for my vt and some other members on velosterturbo.org
      Check out the site and sign up and start talking to all of us in the forum. My member name is VeeTee. :)

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

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  6. I would like to ask you about the price of Real carbon side mirror cover?

  7. Nice Blog !! You have update the awesome blog.Sharing information is very informative.I like it.Car tuning files Thank you so much !!

  8. Whats the hp with the fmic exhaust and cai ? curious what to expect to c if worth my while?

  9. Whats the hp with the exhaust,FMIC,and the CAI? just curious what to expect. Or do i need to just wait for a ecu to come out. SOrry im kind of new to cars so any info can help.

  10. Whats the hp with the fmic exhaust and cai ? curious what to expect to c if worth my while?


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