Partskor Race : Hyundai Veloster 1.6 VS Genesis coupe 2.0

Race : Hyundai Veloster 1.6 VS Genesis coupe 2.0

Can Hyundai Veloster with chip tune beat Genesis coupe 2.0 stock?
For today's race, we had to choose the safe road. YongIn-Seoul highway has less traffic even in day time and stretched 3 kilometers. So we can go to top speed of the car safely here.

Surrounding landscape. You can get around here..:D
2012.12.22 | Want to see big map? ©  NHN Corp.


Today's race car, Hyundai Veloster has more than 250 horse power (chip tuned). You can find the information of this Veloster here.

  - Chip tuned (mapped)
  - Big intercoller (FMIC)
  - PICO variable exhaust
  - Brake upgrade
  - Anti sway bar

And Hyundai Genesis coupe is stock, 270 horse power engine matched with 8 speed transmission. Who will be the winner?

*Camera car : Hyundai Veloster

Veloster would be no match for Hyundai Genesis. The performance difference is bigger than we thought. What seems to be the main reason for this performance gab despite almost equivalent power?

That must be transmission I guess. Hyundai new genesis's 8 speed trans mission support the faster gear shifting than Veloster's manual gear does. However, genesis has much better acceleration than Veloster.

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