How Hyundai Veloster turbo perform with ECU tuning?

How Hyundai Veloster turbo perform with ECU tuning or Turbine upgrade?

Hyundai veloster has very small engine (1.6 liter) with small turbine. Maker spec of Veloster is baout 200hp (engine power). It is no wonder that almost every owners are seeking the way to improve it's power for a nominal amount of money.

The first thing you can imagin is ECU tuning since you don't need to add any hard core parts replacements. As you know, there are many ECU tuners in Korea and US. They announce that they can add about 50 horse power by ECU tuning. Is it true?

To make sure if ECU tuning really works with Veloster, we checked 3 version of Veloster on dyno. (all are manual gear version)

1.Veloster stock : 183 hp 19.9kg/m
2.Veloster ECU tune : 245.4 hp  26.47kg/m ( + 62 horse power )
3.Veloster with GTX2860 turbine : 333hp 35.9kg/m ( + 150 horse power)
       - FMIC
       - Sports Exhaust

Want to see Auto transmission dyno test?

Let's take a look how it is different in the real roads

* Veloster ECU tune VS KIA Optima SX(2.0 turbo) stock

* Veloster turbine upgrade (unknown power) VS G37s (ECU tune)

* Stock (auto) vs Stock(manual)

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