Hyundai Sonata Paddle shift DIY perfect guide

Hyundai Sonata Paddle shift DIY perfect guide

Paddle shift install guide 

Hello today, PartsKor will explain how to install Paddle shift to your normal Hyunda Sonata. It is very easier than we thought. Just follow this instruction and you will get the beautiful and functional paddle shifter of Hyundai Sonata.


   - Paddle left & Right
   - Extension wire (for paddle shift)
   - Steering wheel lower cover
   - Mozen switch (option)
   - Mozen switch ornament (option)

3.Place the front wheels squarely

 4.Be sure that your steering is placed squarely

5. To disassemble the air bag,stick the iron wire on the 3 red spots around steering wheel cover. (We recommen to pull out the air bag fuse before the work) 

6. The air bag module will be sticked out

7.You may see 2 connectors (yellow - air bag line, White - Klaxon line)

8.To disassemble air bag connector,lift the orange color switch

 9.Unscrew the center bolt. During this unscrewing, keep a tight grip on the steering to prevent from the steering wheel rotation.

10.After unscrewing the bold, just pull the streeing wheel swaying left to right to take the steering wheel from the car body.
Causion! : Do not rotate yellow part. This part adjusted very delicatedly. If you move this part by mistake, it would cause VDS sensor error. To prevent this problem, do taping on that part temporary.

11.Now steering wheel is on your hand. To replace the sheering wheel lower cover with new one, unscrew the bolts at 2 red spots as below.

12.Untighten the down part of cover. (Caustion : down part only!)

13.This part is very weak to be broken. (red spot)

14.Slide the cover from down to up 

15. Ok. Done! 

Note : No.16-17,21 is for who want exchange Mozen switch with new part. If you don't want nor need not to, just skip this process

16.To replace the Mozen ornament, unscrew the 2 bolt atthe red spots.
    Then you can unjoin the parts

17. Mozen ornament cable disconnection

18. Stock (old) cover uncombined from the steering wheel

19.New cover. Put the extension wire (for paddle shift) into the new cover. 

20.Detail picture for work. Push the extension wires stuck in the grooves as below.

21.Slide new Mozen switches to Ornament (option)
 Note : No.16-17,21 is for who want exchange Mozen switch with new part. If you don't want nor need not to, just skip this process 

22.Connect the ornament kit to Steering wheel as below.
    2 Connectors (betwwen Ornaments and steering wheel) are located at Left & Right side of the steering wheel.

23.Assembling the cover.
    - Insert the down part of the cover first
    - Push part ② pulling ① part
   *Causion : be sure that paddle connector is still exposed after assenbling.

 24.Bolts for paddle shift install

     - the length of the bolt should be 5~8mm. We recommend 5 mm.

25.Screw the bolts to the steering wheel to tighten the paddles

26.Pass the air bag wire through the steering wheel

27.Push the steering wheel through the center hole and screw the center bolt.

28.Connect Klaxon wire and air bag wire between the steering and aribag module.

29.Push the air bag module in to the steering wheel 

30.You may hear Klaxon sound ~~~Done! 



2011-2013 Hyundai Sonata OEM Paddle Shift Switch Assembly DIY Kit - Genuine OEM Parts

(Free Shipping)

Package include:
-1x Left (LH) Paddle Shift Switch
-1x Right (RH) Paddle Shift Switch
-1x Steering Wheel Lower Cover
-1x Extension Wire
Condition: Brand New, Hyundai Genuine OEM Parts
Fit on: 2011-2012 Hyundai Sonata (YF) / i45

  • installation manual not included. So, you may need Professional Support.
  • pls refer to following step-by-step image. Please click ☞☞ ref. pic#1 and ref. pic#2

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* Payment: We accept only Paypal payment 

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