Test drive : Hyundai Veloster 1.6 Turbo GDI (Performance) #4

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Test drive : Hyundai Veloster 1.6 Turbo GDI (Performance) #4

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This will be the last post of Veloster 1.6 turbo, so we will concentrate on the performance rather than others. As you might know, Veloster is not just fashion car. No, it shouldn't be. Car mania are expecting something HOT from Velsoter. Will Velsoter really satisfy car mania's requirement? Let's take a look.

Under the hood. Engine Room
1.6 liter Gamma GDI engine + twin scroll turbo chager. 204HP/27kg.m. Each parts are well arraged in the engine room. Good for maintenance and repair.

Soundproof construction
Engine cover with "Turbo GDI" emblems. Now let's open the cover and you will find sound & vibration proof material under the cover. Since GDI engine makes some noise due to it's high pressure injectors, well designed sound proof has a meaning.

Variable air intake system
I found something weird part in the engine room. you can see the "hole" beside air cleaner box. What is it?

Finally, I got understood how this hole works. Under the WOT, the hole will be open for better air suction (or for better acceleration) and will be closed for comport (silent) driving.

Dynojet test
I have visited Dynojet shop in order to measure the performance of Veloster auto. Veloster (with manual transmission) is proved that it output 175 hp/28kg.m at the front wheels. But, how much power will be measured with auto transmission?

Want to check another auto Veloster?

Wow! 167hp! That's not bad!
But, when we looked at the torque........... uhm...

Just only 21kg.m was the output. I was a little bit disappointed with the real power..-.-

Ok..Let's try again..2nd test,...3rd test...Oh..no..!!
Test result was getting worse....136 horse power with 4th test!

The temperature of air-intake moved up to 45 degrees after several times of test, and never seemed to drop. ( in spite the big fan was turning)

Nice trying! ^^ to lower the intake air temperature. But it doesn't work at all ^^.
Problem is the size of inter cooler. That is too small to control the heat of turbo car! I think the inter cooler in Veloster must be redesigned.


Let's go real driving. I really wanted to feel the veloster performance on the winding road.

크게 보기
Road No.56 is my favorate driving course, I love 44 of complicated corners and service area at the top of the mountain on this course. Now I am ready to run. Let's go!

Let's race!

In a word, I was very, very excited while I drive the veloster on the winding road. Enough power and fast gear change speed of auto mission. Just one thing I don't like about veloster is tire. Kumho KH25 is the just normal tire for 4 seasons. I was not able to make any weight transfer of the car during driving due to lack of tire grip.

KH25 tires caused serious understeering in every hair pins, and it slipped a lot when acceleration. And more worse, it did not make enough stopping power so that I had to hear ABS sound before every corner.

And another one I want to mention about is gear ratio. The distance between 2nd gear and 3rd gear is far,.far away! In the movie clip, I used 2nd and 3rd gears mainly. After braking, I have to change the gear from 3rd to 2nd gear, and it doesn't work sometime in high Rev.

The gear ratio applied to Veloster is not that bad. But if we consider the position of Veloster, it would be better to be designed with tight gear ratio.

Auto transmission reacts very fast with paddle shift changing. Much to my regret, it does not support auto REV matching function.

Veloster suspension which fitted as standard showed a decent response. During cornering upon entering the braking and steering at the same time, roll was well controlled in the certain level and the damper stroke was quite limited.

Something regret about the suspension is that it has great roll control, but somewhat vulnerable on the pitch control.

Evaluation of the engine
It has plenty of power. During driving on winding road, I've never feel the lack of engine power. Steady torque regardless engine rev. were very impressive.

Brake test
When it comes to brake, considering the cars which had been test in this course so far, I think Veloster brake quite deserve to be praised.

High speed driving
0~100KM/h takes 7.5 second. It is slower than my expectation. Damn tire! Damn wheel spin! The more I excute the 0~100 test, the more car is getting slower.

For top speed test, I used Torque App and OBD adapter. Top speed is limited at 230km/h by speed meter, 220km/h by OBD signal.

With high speed test, intake air temperature was also measured. While increasing the speed, intake air temperature were measured in the early to mid 40 degree and went down to 30 degree for a moment and moved up to 40 degree again.

Very curious thing is, why intake air temperature does not go down even at high speed?
It strikes me that the intercooler efficiency is too low. If the intercooler works well, at least at high speed, the strong wind affect the intake air temperature considerably go down.

That is features of Veloster turbo that there is no difference in intake air temperature on high speed driving and idling time.

Inefficient cooling system in Veloster is the reason for that the car is getting slower after many times of test.

Straight driving stability at high speed was pretty good. The road was in good condition and the test was implemented in the tunnel. So that the effect of wind was very low. But overall straight stability of veloster could be pointed at the average or higher.

Braking force at top speed, there is no problem at all. But, since side wall of the tire is too weak and vulnerable to transverse force, the car was twisting and hard to be controlled during deceleration.

Personal impression of Veloster
Veloster is pretty fun to ride even with auto mission, and valuable. If I were you, i would buy manual transmission rather than auto mission. But for the one who doesn't want to drive a manual gear, Veloster auto is also fun to drive.

For the person who likes unique design rather than common.
For the person who wants reasonable performance and handling for it's price.
For the person who like tuning to lack of car

Veloster could the right answer.

Bonus video : Veloster turbo vs new BMW 528

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