Performance Tune : 2012 KIA Optima stabilizer

Performance Tune : 2012 KIA Optima stabilizer

Let's take a look at stock stabilizer of 2012 KIA Optima. 2000cc turbo engine enabled Kia optima can smocks BMW 530 even MB SLK350.

Although it's remarkable engine power, there are signs of growing disaffection among it's owner's clubs. So now, what is the problem with Optima?

When it comes to engine, there is no complains at all. Optima's power is greater than expected.

But, if we talk about total balance and drivability, the owners produce wildly varing estimates for Optima. Certainly Kia optima is not a good car judged by any other standard, except it's power.

Kia optima staggered when sudden lane change, and braking power is not good enough considering it's power.

So what is required for more stable driving? Upgrade of stabilizer will be your first step with low cost. Let's take a look.

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