Partskor race series #1 (Hyundai Tuscani turbo + BMW M5)

Han river, lifeblood of Koreans across Seoul. Gangbyeon North Road is floated along Han river. The name of the road, Gangbyeon means riverside. At the western end of Gangbyeon North Road, today's race was began. Let me introduce our camera car for today's driving.

* Model : Hyundai Tuscani (Yr 2006)

* Spec : 2.0 liter engine. Gt35R turbo installed. 6 speeds manual transmission.
Neova tires.
4 piston brake ( made by Mando-Hyundai OEM)
Stabilizer. etc..
500 Horse Power at the front wheels

* Driving course : Gangbyeon north road 01:00 AM.

Let's go driving!

* Rivals in the video
- BMW M5
- Hyundai genesis coupe : 300 Horse power at the rear wheel
- Hyundai Tuscani coupe : 500 horse power at the front wheel

Sorry for our insane driver. He sometimes screams uncontrollably while driving, is a very strange man even to us. However, despite such a strange behavior, he is very good at driving. I just hope you are not terrified or shocked about our driver. :)

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