Owner Talk : 2012 Hyundai i40 Saloon

Owner Talk : 2012 Hyundai i40 Saloon

Hyundai Sonata has been ruling Korean car market over the last 10 years. It's been symbol of the middle class in Korea, a successful 30's. Stable engine,, Low cost of repair,.that was reason that it can appeal to the public. On the one hand, people begins to cloy with Sonata series. It stands at gray zone. Performance? Not remarkable. Sexy look? Well..no. For all these, it's still true that Sonata is one of the most powerful model in Korea. i40 is the branch model of Sonata. Almost same but different in detail. Let take a look! ^^

1.Your car history

   Hyundai EF Sonata, Hyundai Grandure 2.7, Hyundai i40 Saloon

2.Tell us your car simply

   Bought 2 weeks ago! 

3.Tuning Parts?

   * Performance : Stock
   * Exterior : Stock

4.Tell us strength & weakness of your car

   * Strengths : Excellent gas mileage. Stability in cornering.
   * Weaknesses : Engine Rev. is so noisy! Especially in low speed.

5.Fuel consumption?

   * City : 12~13km/l 
   * Highway : 18~19km/l


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