Driving in Korea #3. Seoul to Busan

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Driving in Korea #3. Seoul to Busan

Happy new year PartsKor friends :D

Today, we are going to have a long trip from Seoul to Busan. Busan is really beautiful place. Gwang-Ahn big bridge is one of the most beautiful place in Busan, it can be seen streaking across the sky on nights. I love watching it.

South Korea is, actually, small country. It takes only 5~6 hours from Seoul to Busan. Less than 450km seperate Busan from Seoul, but Busan's atmosphere is much different in many ways.

We are taking GyeoungBu expressway for today's motor tour. GyeongBu expressway is the fastest way from Seoul to Busan, it goes all the way across South Korea.

크게 보기

Volkswagen Scirocco R was picked for fun driving. She looks very sexy..

At the night, we went to the gas station and fill up her with gas. Are you ready to run, lady?

She must be full :)  2064 won (2 USD) per one liter of gas here in Korea.

Trip computer says that possible driving distance is 380km. But we have to go 430km..-.-

Traffic jam..at the beginning of the tour. At the out skirts of Seoul, this is the beginning of GyeongBu expressway.

The traffic is getting light from this point! ~~

While we kept 100~110km/h, Gas consumption gauge showed 10.5km/liter.

Seoul tollgate.

Ok, go go ~

A curved tunnel, straight tunnel, long tunnel and short tunnel. There are so many tunnel on our tour course.

Rainbow tunnel ^^  I like it

Shall I raise the RPM to Red zone? Woops, look at the gas consumption!
2.3km/liter? Hey, you are not a Lamborghini nor Audi R8, please don't do this~

After 250km of driving, we have spent half of the gas.

Many people ask me " why do you always drive such a long distance (Seoul to Busan) to test a car?"

The reason that I insist the Seoul-Busan course is that I can experience the various driving environment at once. Raining, snowing, cold road and curved road. I can face to so many different roads during only 5~6 hours.

So if somebody ask me
  "How about the running performance on the rainy road?"
  "What you feel after a long driving?"
  "Do you think it is worth for bucks?"
                          I don't need to hesitate to answer. : )

Now we are at the entrance of Busan. I am so tired T.T

Woops! Gas tank is almost empty! Let me have a short sleep in the car.

The next day morning,

Busan city

Scirocco seems to matches Busan very well I think.

You see? Beautiful buildings over Scirocco.

Take a look around here. I love the cafes behind you. ^^
(Click on the picture, then you can walk around here..)

At night, after parked Scirocco in front of Centum city apartment.

At Haewoon Dae, I really watching that bridge on night.

At haewoon Dae. Centum city

a few more photos of Busan taken by a semi-pro photographer

I like this small city. The streets are full of people. The fish market is bustling with activity. The people here are more optimistic than those living in Seoul. I love this place.

Jagalchi fish market

Now, it's time to get back to Seoul. This photo was taken on the Gwan-Ahn bridge. this is the last scene before living Busan.

On the way back home, we wanted to speed up a little more. 200km/h...210..220..240..

Wow!  240..250..255..260....?

Scirocco was very stable at high speed despite its front wheel drive. Understeer tends to occur at high speed, but I can say it is controllable.

Raining again..

Gas tank is almost empty again..

highway service area.

Fueling again.

We are almost there..

Seoul tollgate.

Special thanks to Scirocco~~ You served me a very comfortable and safe ride.

Thanks for having a long travel with me. Travelling to different place always makes my heart flutter.  I hope to travel another place, before the end of this winter. Thanks..

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