Driving in Korea #2 Gangnam (Sinsa-dong garosu-street)

What is Gangnam Style?

If you haven't heard about Gangnam Style, then you must be living under a rock. This viral video by Psy has more than 1,000 million views on YouTube since its release in July. This overnight sensation has taken the world by storm. It seems that people around the world just can't get enough of its catchy beats and goofy horse-riding dance moves.

What is Gangnam? Gangnam refers to an affluent neighborhood in Seoul. In an interview, Psy described Gangnam Style as noble in the daytime and crazy at night.

Today, we going to have a short trip around Gangnam area in Seoul. If we just drive around Gangnam, you might be bored. So we decided to seduce women around this area by the nice car.

This video was taken at Garosu street, Sinsa-dong (small area of Gangnam). And you will see Korea women's fashion style and view of Gangnam street through this video. I hate materialism, but it's true that this video is a real fun.

There are a lot of world-famous goods in Gangnam, But you would better to go Cheongdam-dong to find more luxurious and rare products, and better to come Sinsa-dong if you want to enjoy the life style of young people in Korea. These 2 areas are the core of Gangnam. Let's walk along Sinsa-dong garosu-street.

Let's take a look at the cafes on Sinsa-ding Garosu-Gil (Sinsa-dong Tree lined street) We are going to begin our trip from Sinsa subway station gate no.8

지도 크게 보기
2012.12.22 | Wanna see big Map? ©  NHN Corp.

*Cafe : W.E (West and East)

*Cafe : Papergarden Allo (nice coffee and dessert)

*Sandwich shop

*Nekk Manma (Japanese pub & restaurant)

*Cafe Sugar bean Lloyd

*Cafe Bean Story

*KUAI 19 : Chinese fusion restaurant, operated by Psy's mom

*Modern Bob sang : Korean fusion restaurant, operated by Psy's mom

*Ro Ann : Italian restaurant , Oak wood fired-Steak and Pizza

*ILMO : Outlet Shop in cafe

*School Food : Snack shop


*Espressamente illy

*Coffee smith

*Tokyo Panya : Delicious bread

*Grand mother : Clothes Shop

*A story : famous restaurant, fired pizza and pasta

*Cafe Bar Brasserie : coffee and cake

*Alley cafe : Antique style cafe

*Elbon the table : western restaurant

*Momo cat : coffee

*Moon table ; Korean restaurant

You want to walk along the tree-lined street?

We will move from the down to top of the map. just follow me :)

2012.12.22 | 지도 크게 보기 ©  NHN Corp.

I hope you had a fun with this post. For the next post, we gonna walk through Chungdam-dong, the place where the most of Koreans dream to live.

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