DIY : Make your K5 better ( Trunk Hinge Cover)

DIY : Make your K5 better ( Trunk Hinge Cover)

   - Trunk Hinge Cover ( KIA K7 trunk hinge set right1, left1)
   - Pins 2ea
   - Cable tie
   - Cutter, Scissors, Driver, Drills

2. Cost : 4$

1.Parts from Kia Motors (K7 parts) : 4$

 2.Pins (KIA motors)

3.You need to check right & Left parts

 4.Unscrew the bolts to separate trunk cover

5.Check trunk bolt position and the hole position of the hinge

6.Make the hole wider (on hinge cover )


8. Drill on down part of hinge (optional)

9.Left Hinge

 10. Separate wire from the left hinge

11.Move the bundle of wire to the right side of hinge
     (Taping is needed to protect electric wire)

12.Almost done

13.Drill  4mm. 5mm

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