2011+ hyundai elantra mood map light DIY

Hi :)

I am "day walker" a member of PartsKor. Today, I am going to show you how to install a Mood map light module in your 2011+ Elantra. (Some of Elantra, they don't have interior map light.)

1.This 2011 Elantra Mood map light (Stock) - you can buy this from Hyundai Mobis
  It will cost just about 34$.

2.Map lamp will be installed in the empty space.

3.Cut the line as below

4.After cutting interior cover, you will find 4 holes. 4 pcs of clip should be put into the holes so that you can screw up the map lamp assembly later.

5. Now almost done! After screwing up, you need to connect electric line between the map light assembly and some where in your car.

   2012 - : You can find the elec. lines from the dome light.
   2012+  : You can find the elec lines from A pillar.

6. That's it!

7.  Enjoy! ^^

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