2011 Elantra, avante MD console BOX tray

2011+ Elantra, avante MD console BOX tray 

Yes. We realize that Hyundai Elantra is mid-sized family sedan, not a luxury one. But why we (Elantra owner) have to cram our things into the console box?                                                  The worst thing is, Elantra console box doesn't seem to have enough space for the gubbins those we need such as ball pens, car wash tickets.etc. This is the console box tray which is made in Korea, for those who is impatient with the small BOX in Elantra.

This tray is divided into four spaces, each of them has enough space for coins, pens, cigarette pack and nay even your wallet. And 100% fit into 2011+ Elantra console box.

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